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Mobile phone battery

Release time:2018-08-15

For "active" problem of the mobile phone batteries, numerous theory is: the first three time charge time must be more than 12 hours, in order to activate the battery. This statement is misleading by nimh batteries before, mobile phones have been activated before they go out aging, users need not be activated, when use don't leave it charging for 12 hours of overtime. According to the mobile phone is introduced on the manual charging method of charging is the most standard.

In addition, the lithium battery cell phone or the charger will automatically stop after the battery, there is no nickel electric charger of the so-called "trickle charging for 10 hours. That is to say, if your lithium battery, after full on the charger is Bai Chong. And none of us there is no guarantee that the battery charge and discharge protection circuit will never change and quality according to the features of foolproof, so your battery will be on the brink of danger for a long time. This is another reason we object to a longer charge.