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Mobile phone how to maintain

Release time:2018-08-15

Mobile phone maintenance. The so-called "prevention is better than cure", if the accident until the phone every time to remedy, can already late. So if you know some daily maintenance methods, will be very beneficial to your phone.

First of all, it is recommended that you use mobile phone holster. Holster is equivalent to add a garment, and it is to reduce the wear and tear of mobile phone shell, 2 it is to fall down or meet water can reduce the damage taken by the phone. For mobile phone, of course, this does not mean the holster is flame-resistant, after you put in use and still have to keep a certain caution, avoid damage pcba.

The second should be careful to cell phone use environment. Mobile phone has a crack or hole, meet with moisture is easy to be infiltration, erosion and lead to circuit boards, so don't use mobile phones in the rain or the bathroom. Mobile phones in the cold air outlet of avoid by all means at the same time, because water vapor condensation in the mobile phone will invisibly plate corrosion machine. Water erosion of circuit board, with longer and more severe, initially may feel nothing, but wait until the failure phenomenon appears, is already too late, I'm afraid.

The third method should pay attention to carry. Everyone is different way to carry mobile phones, but easy to offer some methods damage probability. Such as the current is used to put the phone beside the pants (behind) pocket, if not be careful when sitting down to, or mobile phones will be squeezed when walking around and fell to the ground, can cause damage of the phone. Also like the thin and small mobile phone, some people habit on chest pocket, but carelessly when bending, cell phone will fall on the ground.

Fourth, to keep the cell phone away from the magnet environment. Mobile phone speakers itself has a magnetic, so don't make the phone more often contact iron powder, so as not to mobile phone speakers sound hole inhaling too much iron powder, and attached to the speaker membrane, causing an earpiece voice become smaller, even can't hear.

First aid articles

Mobile phone to carry spare everyday, use frequency is very high, hard to avoid in the process of using in water, such as falls, lost something unexpected. If you know some basic mobile emergency rescue, you can before you sent to maintenance for rescue, can reduce losses and keep my mobile phone.

1. If mobile phones into the water inlet is common, for example by rain, sprinkle with tea, loss of water and so on. If it really happens, please turn off the power immediately, and then remove the battery, in order to avoid water corrosion and boards.

Water is an enemy of mobile phone, after the water should be sent to repair as soon as possible. If we don't send to maintenance, soon can use ram the moisture of dry cell phone inside, slow water corrosion and boards. But use as you work, remember to dispatch temperature to a minimum, so as not to conduct heat, make the body deformation of rubber.

2. Automatic shutdown to save phone in power supply and is in standby mode, it will automatically turn off the condition of machine suddenly many users have experienced, the reason may have the following several possible: li-ion battery protective circuit inside the overly sensitive, so a big current power; The battery itself is aging; The battery contact pieces of metal with dirt, cause power poor contact; Between the battery and mobile phone joint easy to loose.

If after inspection, found that is the first two questions, then you must to professional repair shop repair. But if it is after two, the problem is out in the "battery metal" smudgy caused by oxidation, as long as the use of glue stick will wipe clean, situation will be improved. And in between the battery and mobile phone mat paper or film, also can solve the problem of loose battery caused by the poor contact.

3. If the phone is lost with the rapid growth of mobile phone number, mobile phone accidentally lost is also growing. If lost, do not properly deal with, so will not only lose your mobile phone, also may be thief dozen lost because of high cost. Mobile phone lost, shall promptly report to the police first, and then to the mobile phone business hall card formalities as soon as possible. Individual users need to take id card, unit users need to issue a formal recommendation, pay card fee of 150 yuan, and settlement of phone bill last month. Such as card) in a timely manner, can need not do stop, start-up procedure, save the handling charge 80 yuan, and the mobile phone to reduce loss to the lowest.

Stop procedures can be dealt with in the recent telecom business hall. If you are roaming, or is in the night, holiday lost her cell phone, can apply for emergency stop business by 1860. When the application for suspension after dialing 1860, you need to tell the attendant id number, mobile number and the name of the owner, after service desk attendant to verify information about the customer can accept. 24

Hours, your phone will be stop. Emergency application for suspension in this way, your boot or card formalities to postal service hall and so on business at the same time, need to fill do down procedures.